Server Host Address: "" Server Port: 21025

No need to use no user and password, that is to recognize admins.

You need our mods pack to play on our server and Starbound version number 1.4.4

Mods here (mirror: here)

Unzip the file directly in Starbound's game folder root and overwrite if necessary (means you had one of the mods but outdated, overwriting it gets updated), if you still can't play be sure to check 'allow assets mismatch' in the options....the server should be playable if you install other mods...Though other mods MAY disrupt other player's experience or yours so be careful, though not all of them

Unzip them using 7Zip inside your Starbound Directory

Our Discord Server, if you need help look for me...Cassiopea (Admin)

Our entry in 1st Server's List

Our entry in GameTracker's list

If there are people online and you don't get answer contact us in our discord server sometimes we miss the ingame chat messages please bear with us ^^

Here are Planets with coordinates to enter in ship where we built structures, the blocks are not protected yet so please don't vandalize XD at most upgrade existing structure or build new.

#Star System #1 Gath Memvar Threshold (710353767,-13389252)

1 Planet:

Nr.7 (Gath Memvar VII Terrestrial)

There's a condo multi-floors built with spaces available built too and a subway,l, the subway is done need just to adjust the circuitry to make a fully functional stop systems.

Star System #2 Ichora (710353730,-13389283)

2 Planets:

n.3 (Ichora III terrestrial) -@MiBalance (Михаил) started building a town village here

n.4 (Ichora IV Ocianic) - there's an underwater base under construction, feel free to add some of your own fantasy ^^

Gath Memvar Threshold its the name of the first star(and Ichora is the seconds star

If you can't travel for some reason. like, no-FTL. contact me on Discod(Cassiopea) I'll give u a lift ^^ I always answer at most I tell you I'm not home cause i got discod on my phone

Happy gaming!